Media Appearances

Dan Humiston interviews host Diana Krach of Your Highness Podcast.
Veronica Castillo recently wrote about what potential cannabis content creators should know, and included Your Highness Podcast.
Tips for Becoming a Cannabis Content Creator
Your Highness Podcast was featured on the Plain Jane blog.
Plain Jane Feature
“As much as I love reading and writing, there is something about downloading podcast episodes for my flights that brings me comfort. Thousands of miles in the air, podcasts keep my attention away from the fact that I’m high up in the air, trusting in someone I don’t know, irritated about a mask on my face, and well…all the other irritations of taking a flight. So, this one is for the cannabis podcasts, some of my favorite, some that I have been featured in, and popular ones that I’ve heard about and have on my list to dig into.” 
Highlighting Cannabis Podcasts
Fruit Slabs CMO Maggie Wilson joins Diana again on season 4.
Fruit Slabs
Diana joined Debbie Elickson on Locker Room For Growth to discuss the basics of plant medicine.